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How to buy property for $100k ABOVE retail market price and still cash flow

Can you buy property without having to work with a bank? Is there a way to make real estate investing profitable in areas where most people believe there’s no cash flow.

Today’s guest, Buddy Broome, is here to share his insights about how he’s succeeded in real estate investing in Southern California by not buying property the traditional way… all while working a w-2 job.

During today’s episode, you’ll learn about how to buy property without a bank and how avoiding the traditional route can help you make money in markets that other people struggle in. Listen to the episode to hear Buddy Broome discuss how he learned his strategies for buying real estate, how he finds and cultivates leads, and what he looks for in a tenant.

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How to Start Investing in Real Estate – Interview with New Success, Omar Lopez

Interview with Omar Lopez a newer investor out hustling, getting started with real estate investing and making deals happen. Discover his secrets to quick success in mobile home investing and creative finance.

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