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2000 Cash Flowing Houses Bought – No Maintenance No Tenants With Mitch Stephen of

We’re talking with Mitch Stephen of who’s built a thriving business that revolves around selling homes for cash flow with no tenant problems. It’s the art of selling with owner finance and he’s mastered getting private money, finding and selling homes in San Antonio Texas on a Promissory note. In this episode we’ll go over: –…

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How To Invest In Real Estate Out-Of-State, With Sensei Gilliland

Serial entrepreneur, and out-of-state real estate investor, Sensei Gilliland attacked his real estate venture the same way he’s approached everything in life: with discipline. Upon launching a successful martial arts business, Sensei realized he could utilize off-hours to earn additional income. Once he grasped the power that real estate has over everything business-related, Sensei dove-in head first.

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How to Buy Mortgage Notes with FIBI Co-Founder Ellis San Jose

From rehabbing, rentals, buying mortgage notes and being the “go-to” guy to solve complicated title problems that no one else can figure out… We go through the story of FIBI co-founder, Ellis San Jose, from beginning-to-now and what he has planned for the future. He’ll go over some example deals he’s done where it’s a…

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Expert Interview – Andy Teasley: Mobile Home Investing and Cash Flow

Financial Freedom with “Ugly” Mobile Home Investing Flip inexpensive mobile homes for Cash Flow Nobody knows the ins and outs of the mobile home flipping business better than the one and only Wizard of Wobbly Boxes, Andy Teasley. He’s here to give you fresh details, insight, incredible advice and motivation to get you up and…

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How to Make $1,000 of Passive Income Monthly… Using Land Flipping

Land Flipping…. for Easy Cash Flow So…You want some cash flow? You want to get started in real estate investing? You lack hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even tens of thousands) to buy your first investment? … And…  your market is full of overpriced houses and flooded with investors? Then, here’s one low-barrier niche…