Buying a million dollar home with a middle class wage?

My wife loves the beach.

We both love cool weather.

And we both have a dream of moving down to one of our favorite places Dana Point/San Capistrano area away from high population, a couple miles from the ocean, a couple of miles from the harbor we love to walk, and always in cool weather.

Well, there’s one thing…those homes are in the price range of millions.

Well, there’s a way around that, and I’ve been playing around with the strategy in my head.

And that’s buying a house to live in, the way that my friend Omar Lopez did, without the banks, without a high mortgage payment.

And you can hear about in this interview with Omar:

How to Start Investing in Real Estate – Interview with New Success, Omar Lopez

p.s. Is what Omar did possible in my world with an expensive home?

Maybe… but there’s only way to find out and that to try

But, it’s no different than what you would do in marketing for a house you’re going to flip:

… and that’s with:

1. choosing an area that I believe I can work something out and where I would really love to live in.

2. Pulling a list and narrowing down to people who might take my offer(s)

3. and sending a few letters that tell the truth and about what I want to do and my dream and what I can do for them

And, speaking of pulling a list. One of the audios that are in the Deal Magnet Membership Newsletter that I’ll be offering soon, is an exclusive interview with an investor on how to find motivated sellers on a free government site that very few people use. And I’ll be supplementing that with a video on pulling lists
using a free title site that you should can get access to yourself.

That’ll be up soon for less than the price of your local REI Club…

In the mean time, learn how Omar bought his own house just like a creative investor in the interview we did:

How to Start Investing in Real Estate – Interview with New Success, Omar Lopez

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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