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Here’s a lesson on negotiation from the greatest negotiation coach in modern times.

As you may know, I’m of Portuguese descent. Both my parents immigrated here and I’m one of the firstborn Americans in my immediate family. (A matter of fact, English was my second language)

In Portuguese, the word “business” is said as “Negocios”.

Which also comes from the same word we use for “negotiations”.

Because EVERYTHING is a negotiation.

In Jim Camp, in his book Start With No…. makes it clear that we negotiate every day.

When you are cold calling, knocking on the door, going to REI clubs, talking with your spouse/kids…. everything you do is just another “negotiation.”

So, what does Jim Camp teach that has to do with this?

Every negotiation (a cold call, asking your kids to do something, being in front of sellers, etc)…. starts with YOUR mission and purpose.

This might sound abstract if you haven’t read the book (which I highly recommend every business person and investor on here to read, I’m going through it a third time and listening to the audio programs of his a third time).

But, when you have a detailed “mission and purpose” laid out it prevents you from doing business with the wrong person, or wasting precious time, or taking a bad deal.

And the mission purpose starts with questions like these:

– Why am I cold calling (door knocking) and what can I deliver?

– Why am I talking to this person

– What can I deliver to this motivated seller, and what value do I bring to her?

– What’s my end goal here?

– What’s my objective with this marketing campaign?

– What type of tenant do I want to serve?

– What is the reason I’m going to this REI club meetup?

– Who can I help?

– I’m looking for money, So how does this deal benefit the lender?

The point is about being clear beforehand about what YOU want and what you can deliver.

It’s to protect YOU and your CLIENT/customer/partner etc.

Having clear, valid goals in place also (helps) keeps you from being needy, emotional, and bouncing around like a pin pal machine.

So, as you can see, this is much more than just a simple “negotiation” with someone.

Anyway…. speaking of mission and purpose and not having clarity…

This is a similar “trick” when it comes to creating and writing advertising and marketing campaigns.

Everything you write (even a small thank you), has a purpose and a goal.

And in copywriting that “purpose” can also be called The BIG IDEA. (or USP).

A simple USP can un-commoditize you, persuade people on the fence, and help you stand out from all the other “We Buy Houses” folks.

Every ad/letter/sales presentation/cold-call… has a big idea (or USP).

Don’t think too lightly on this… it’s something that dramatically improves your response in everything you do.

And I spill the beans in HOW to come up with unique big ideas, how to weave them into a letter, ad or content, and how to structure it.

And no, you don’t have to be a a good writer to accomplish this.

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