Being the pest in follow up gets more closes

Recently I just had that a sale on the Millionaire Makers Next Generation seminar. And a few late comers came in to ask if the discount still applies.

Well, naturally, I can’t give it to them. It would be unfair to people who did pay on time and it would mean I’m not serious about deadlines…

However, I realized that I sucked at something during the promo.

I didn’t follow up like I should have.

Here’s a story to illustrate:

When I was squandering my money on direct mail sending out 3,000 pieces a month, I would go to the local Starbucks once a week and attempt making follow up phone calls to leads that came in (old and new leads).

Well, I remember at times thinking, “Well I don’t want to be a pest, I already called them a couple of weeks ago I’ll hold off”.

I did that many times actually.

I delayed calling up on people with certain rationalizations: “I don’t want to be annoying”, “They’re not that motivated anyway”.

Well these rationalizions cost me deals. Because statistics show 80% of sales come from the follow up.

And the same goes with my promo.

My intention was to email 3-4 times a DAY on my sale.

So that I reduce the amount of people who don’t see the emails.

But I didn’t for fear of being a “pest”.

Sure would I get some unsubscribes?


But there’s actually statistics out there that show that the MORE unsubscribes you get, the more sales you have.

The same goes with anything else: “The more ‘NO’s’ the more deals you’ll get,”

So, don’t fear being the pest.

BE that pest…. because the truth of what you’re “Selling” (a solution to someone’s problem) is a helpful service to sellers.

You have to think like this: “My service is going to change someone’s life but I have to find them first”.

Who cares if you’re a pest to those that don’t fit the service you’re selling.

Speaking of a solutions to someone’s problems… a solution to being an authority figure and giving a sense of credibility to your prospects is tying your offline marketing with online.

Using online to display your personality (videos, written testimonials, bio, etc), is a great way to boost your conversion in direct mail.

Plus it gives you opportunities to reach those who are looking for solutions to their problems online. There are tens of ways to market online to find a deal.

But you have to hold that space first.

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