Bartering your way to House Deals with little in your pocket

Learning to become a great barterer can mean getting many great deals; in real estate and anywhere in life.

Here’s a story taken from the great Jay Abraham on a business that went from NEGATIVE to billions on the back of BARTERING.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the company Carnival Cruise Line?

Well, things weren’t so flowery and a walk in the park for them in the first decades when they first started.

They struggled.

They had ONE operating ship.

And because they were so broke, they could only afford to paint one side of the boat.

So, whenever they were coming into dock, they always commanded the captain to make sure you don’t steer the unpainted side of the boat towards the dock.

They couldn’t fill rooms, and well over 100 rooms were empty every single time.

Well, a new young whippersnapper came into the business to consult and help them get some money NOW and move rooms.

He realized that the empty rooms are untapped “currency” that they aren’t using.

So, he sought an audience with Radio Stations.

He gave them an offer: Advertising Space for a certain number of room-and-board tickets on their ships.

The radio stations gladly took it; they got free tickets that they can either give away in sweepstakes or sell (Do you ever wonder how radio gets free tickets to sports games or shows? Well now you know).

Carnival Cruise got free advertising space AND they got they rooms filled which does 2 things:

1. gives them perceived value because now their cruises look popular.

2. Gives them more potential to sell drinks and accessories to those who got the free room

Well, Carnival didn’t stop there.

They had all this radio advertising space but needed money NOW. So they sold most of it at a good price. Companies gladly bought it.

And so that’s how they started. Bartering their untapped currency (empty rooms), for something they can sell AND use for themselves (advertising space).

The same bartering power can be used in real estate every day.

Take the Southern California LAREIA club owner, Bill Tan.

The story goes… he was negotiating with a homeowner.

The homeowner wanted a specific brand new truck to make this deal work for Bill.

Bill had a problem though. He didn’t have the credit to buy a new truck at the time.

So he did the next best thing: He found a friend with amazing credit. Approached the friend with an offer:

“I’ll give you $5,000 right now if you co-sign this brand new truck with me.”

The friend took the offer, co-signed a brand new truck with Bill.

Bill made the payments and gave the truck to the homeowner as part of the deal to buy the house from the homeowner.

The homeowner got what he wanted, Bill bought a great deal.

That is the power of bartering.

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“Hey Paul,So I received my copy of the seminar and I gotta tell you as if you don’t already know lol. It is just packed with such great information! The best part is the fact that when I watched closely and listened attentively it completely changed my mindset about acquiring property. I’ve been to other seminars, where “cash is king” and where it seemed like a one-track mind kind of concept… I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in putting together such a fantastic source of information that I can review at any moment. Also thank you for making it so affordable to the low income earner, such as myself, who only desires to live a life we all deserve” – Robert Gervin

“Hi Paul,

I thought the seminar was excellent. A couple reasons why:

1. Recency – The content was from the last couple of years, so I can trust that less has changed in local practices and laws vs. content delivered in the 2000’s or before.

2. Relevancy – The content was from educators in Southern California. A lot of online content is from excellent educators based out of the South East – the educational value is excellent, but it is difficult to sift out which parts don’t work in California.

3. Convenience – I was able to attend the seminar virtually. I listened to the content at least 3 times, mostly during my commute or multitasking at my computer.

4. Value – Priced very well.

The most helpful sections for me were:

1. Buddy Broome’s Financial Calculator (I hadn’t taken one before this seminar and needed it)

2. Andy’s What you have to get what you want presentation

3. Creative Financing Panel

” – Alan Conley

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Andy and MMNG have definitely changed my life for the better and I can’t thank Andy enough for the time, information, and support he has provided!” – Maggie Hartwick
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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