My name is Paul do Campo, owner and operator of this website, And the reason I created this website was, like many, I struggled getting started in real estate investing. When I started I had a burning desire...

... to create financial freedom and passive income that allowed me and my family to not rely on my w-2 job anymore.

But, even though you may have a burning desire for financial freedom… that desire needs the right guidance. Or you might end up like me, spending tens of thousands of dollars (I spent over $20,000 on direct mail…. Not kidding and I’ll show you why in a bit), and not getting a single deal.

Real estate investing doesn't need to be a struggle.

You don't need to be spinning your wheels while going... nowhere!

I was there, and I don't wish that on anyone.

So, that's why I created this site.

To help guide anyone stuck in their REI venture, and gain some momentum. Today, I enjoy a good passive monthly income from promissory notes I created in mobile homes and land flipping (although it's not enough to quit my job currently). And, I've learned a lot throughout those years, and with the help of experts I've networked with, I've decided to create this site, that...

... brings no-fluff expert interviews from locals who are active and successful TODAY...

These interviews are no chit-chat conversations that get right to the guts of the subject. So you don't have to spend time listening to chatter about nothing. Many people, just want the bare-bones, "how-to" info and that's what these interviews are created to do...

...Bring you raw information that works TODAY... and get you closer to your financial freedom.

Although I won't profess to be a 20-year guru/coach (or even 10-years ... I've only been in REI since 2015), I have, although, learned a lot from my many mistakes and successes; which are lessons that bring the REALITY of REI (not the fantasy that guru's preach). So, if you join my email list today... you'll not only receive a free gift from me, but I email you raw (and entertaining) investing tips that I promise, are worlds apart from the usual, boring emails that gurus are sending you.

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These are tips from my own experience that I've gathered, and from the experts I'm interviewing on a regular basis. And of course, there are the products I offer. As you might know, good real estate investing home-courses are hard to come by. I've only found less than a hand full that are very good courses and break down the process into easy actionable steps... that actually work TODAY and in your market. Many courses are designed to be general fluff that only up sells you to a $30k coaching product.

That I don't have...

Every audio, video, PDF, book, newsletter, and free content offers value... not general fluff or tricks.

But, if paid content isn't your thing... there's the hundreds (or the goal is to have hundreds) of FREE articles, daily tips, and audios available right here in the site.

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My Story

My first oxy-acetylene welds

I've been a w-2 employee working in the natural gas utility industry since 2006.

Today, I'm pipeline maintenance foreman: running a small crew, digging holes, welding, fusing, laying pipe, fixing leaks, etc. I do that while, running this publishing business (creating content and interviews to bring you the very best information to guide you to financial freedom), managing my notes, and being a "casual" investor looking for cash flow opportunities in my neighborhood.... and managing a home with a wife and 4 kids.

View from Work


When I started...

In 2015, I was living paycheck-to-paycheck with my wife and two kids (an infant and a 2-year-old with some disabilities), and I realized that this won't do. I can't live like this and the thought of not having enough in my 40's (or worse '50s-70s) scared the hell out of me.

I wanted to pass something of value other than debt to my children.

Family of 3-kids expecting a 4th

So, I hit the books, reading up on “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and various other books on real estate investing. I hit the online forums, learning everything I can. I decided on wholesaling (like many do), because my shiny-object-syndrome kicked in and the “luxuries” of a million-dollar wholesaling business attracted me. The online forums taught that direct mail is an "easy" way to get deals.

So, I decided to learn and implement direct mail.

Natural Goof Ball

At this point, I had already sold my house (for various reasons but one being that I wanted to use the money from the sale to invest in my new venture... I was committed to making this work for me and my family).

I then hit the online forums and swallowed up every bit of info on direct mail that others were graciously and freely giving away. And that’s where the problem lies…. I followed the advice that wasn’t relevant to my location.

I started off sending about 1,000 mail pieces a month. I got about 1 lead, but no deal.

I cranked it up to 2,000…. Same thing.

Then, 3,000…. Crickets

So what're the forums answer to this “obstacle”....? “Keeping sending more!”. So I cranked it up again. Until I was sending 4,000 mail pieces a month. Do that math... for an average spending of .70 cents a letter, and 6,000 a month: that's $2,800 a month! I did this for about 1.5 years (on and off and anywhere from 1,000 mail pieces to 4,000 mail pieces a month). With all that spending, I got NO Deal out of it. Regardless of what the reason was, I calculated about...

$20,000 or more went down the drain.

But, direct mail wasn’t the only marketing method I used to find sellers. I was also knocking on doors of foreclosures. I was cold calling FSBO (For Sale By Owners). I had hired a coach and implemented his system….

But still… no deal.

No progression.

Didn't have an entrepreneurial spirit until 2015

What gives?

Well, it turns out… that what works in one market doesn’t necessarily work in another. For instance: in direct mail, it works great and easily in the midwest, where properties cost $30,000 and you could send out 1,000 mailers and get at least one deal a month. But not so in large metro areas (like Southern California, where I live), where properties cost $400,000 (at the time of this writing) in the suburban areas. Turned out, that people who do direct mail successfully in my area, have to send out at least $10,000 worth a month to have any deal.

But that’s not all…

Why couldn’t I get success with door knocking…?

Simple, I didn’t have the skills and knowledge to make deals happen.

Many REI seminars are marketing techniques and strategies in a box. They give you a lot of know-how on how to get to sellers (that’s the easy part), but very few skills and knowledge on how to close deals.

Here’s the breakdown of many guru-seminars:

“Just put up a lot of bandit signs, pull a list of owners with 30% equity and mail to them yellow letters and wait for the calls to come in. Then, put under contract for 70% minus the repairs, put into escrow, and send to your buyer's list and mark it up to $5,000 to $20,000 above the purchase price”

That’s the seminars you’ll find in a nutshell.

The problem with all that is that it’s a whole lot of tactics, and not enough fundamentals that will last cycle-to-cycle, market location-to-market location. And, it's a lot of money to spend when you don't know how to generate the right leads or close the deals.

So, to make my story short and actually leave it on a high note...

I ended switching gears and shifting to more profitable niches.

Mobile home buyer and seller
This Mobile home was bought for $7,000, fixed, and sold in a month for $40,000, with $400 a month of cash flow.

I learned about mobile home investing in 2017, and the success rate was night-and-day. I immediately saw real and profitable results. That was the beginning of "note-investing" for me and what I call "no-maintenance" passive income. I learned quite a bit in buying and selling a few mobile homes. I had a few mess-ups along the way with (things I talk about in my daily emails), but overall, the success outnumbers the mistakes.

During this time, I also became a freelance copywriter for Investor Carrot (the #1 hosting website for real estate investors).

There, I learned:

  • how to write pages for high clients,
  • how to write attention-grabbing headlines and stories,
  • the inner workings of a million-dollar-a-year company,
  • how to advertise creatively to sellers and buyers
  • how to simplify online marketing
  • how to use persuasive language in any marketing medium

Because of that experience, I dove into a vast world of marketing that I still practice today in real estate investing and have helped others do the same. But even how I got this gig (which landed me not only the skills but also the opportunities to expand my network of entrepreneurial friends)....

... started with a FAILURE as well

Investor Carrot had sent out a blast email to their list of members asking if anyone would like to be hired as a freelance copywriter with them I applied and out of 2,000 people, 3 others and myself got hired. But after my first live trial run with a client... they fired me! They said I had too many typos. So, of course, I was bummed, disappointed upset at myself for small errors. But I didn't' give up. Because 3 months after that, I sent an email to the hiring person, to ask if they are still looking for a copywriter. And the answer was Yes! and they were happy to have me reach out to them. I promised to tighten up on my grammar and proofreading (to the point where I was hiring a proofreader for all my content), and the rest is history.

(If you're wondering If I still work with them, the answer is no. After a year of taking in their clients, I decided to leave because It was getting in the way of my real estate investing)

A while after this, I jumped into land investing

First Land Sale. Intial investment $1,200. Sold for $8,000 at $180 a month and $1,000 down payment.

To make the story brief, it's basically where you buy a piece of cheap, raw, vacant land for $1,000 (or any price point you choose to go into... I just choose this for my flipping model), and resell for $8,000 (average) on payments. Usually the payments vary between $180-$250 a month. I always ask for a down payement that's almost equal to what my initial investment was.

The payments from the land I flipped plus the mobile homes I flipped, generates a good passive income per month. Now, It's not a whole lot (as of this writing it's $2,000 per month), but it's something you can do and be proud of as well.

Doing this enabled me to:

  • be more confident around sellers and buyers
  • learn how to structure good deals
  • learn how to buy (and sell) with seller finance
  • learn how to sell assets that considered to "sit" a long time
  • learn how to market online and sell
  • learn how to merge my online marketing with offline
  • be patient
  • practice and learn the financial calculator
  • to locate the right places to buy
  • learn how to structure a note
  • learn how to become the bank

Today... I don't spend much time hustling and bustling looking for deals like I did a couple of years back. Rather, quality cash flow assets for the long-term, is what I've been focused on (which only requires me buying a house every once in a while). At the same, I spend a lot of time on this site: writing, conducting interviews and creating content, all to help you...

...learn the skills and knowledge to become a better, wealthier real estate investor.