“Why ‘Cash Flow’ is A Myth and what real estate investor Should really bank on” – Aaron Mazzrillo

From 6-figure window salesman to active real estate investor – Flipping, holding, trading real estate since 2003 our guest gives us the details. If you live in Southern CA, You might have heard the name “Aaron Mazzrillo” float around. He’s been around RE since 2003 flipping, wholesaling, holding, renting, and trading since then. He’s done all it all, and this interview he reveals:

  • How he’s ran his business in the last 20 years, and what he does now (with only one employee)
  • The question he asks when hiring 
  • What you need to know and have in a down market – Cash will be unavailable in these times. 
  • When he is goes into “Buy and Hold” mode and when he flips
  • How he tracks his business
  • How to systematize parts (like McDonalds) in the REI business
  • The one thing he loves about this business
  • Why Cash Flow is a myth, and how he makes his true wealth and money in rentals
  • Why he stays away from out-of-state properties