Marketing Series – Aaron Hoos

How to write Ads to Motivated Sellers That Cut Through The Clutter

REI Copywriting 101 – With REI Author, Aaron Hoos and Former Investor Carrot Copywriter


Every day, motivated sellers and cash buyers receive tens of thousands of direct mail ads from real estate investors hoping to grab their attention.

So how do you punch through the endless clutter?

Copy expert Aaron Hoos believes your campaign’s effectiveness comes down to the marketing and the writing, and he’ll show you in this interview formulas, principles, and techniques to IMPROVE both and increase your response with all your marketing.

Growing up with a real estate contractor for a parent, Aaron spent his weekends tagging along for home visits. When he began a career in marketing, it’s no surprise that Aaron ultimately decided to combine his love for writing with an industry he grew up in.

Today, Aaron works exclusively with real estate investors to develop marketing campaigns with a focus on targeted copy. He’s authored several books including, The Real Estate Investing Copywriter’s Playbook, and is dedicated to helping investors stand out in a crowded market.

In this podcast, Aaron walks us through his process for crafting targeted copy while outlining strategies for bypassing competition and improving SEO.

You’ll also hear…

  • How to bypass your competition with this under-used marketing strategy that Freelance copywriter Aaron Hoos uses every day with his wholesaling clients
  • How to identify your target audience and create copy that addresses their needs
  • The three types of “underlooked” audiences that you can use tomorrow to stand out from the masses
  • How to evaluate the competition to create high response marketing
  • How to improve SEO for video and website content
  • Aaron’s go-to resources for determining effective keywords
  • How to interpret keyword data to find out what sellers are searching for
  • Aaron’s formula that’s guaranteed to produce effective, targeted copy
  • Why investors should write short books and ditch postcard advertising when targeting motivated sellers
  • and much more…

Listen in to these two former Investor Carrot Copywriters chat about marketing and ways to increase your lead generation…

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Mentioned Resources

(Some of these may contain an affiliate link where I might get paid some “coffee-money” commission… only those resources I highly recommend I attached an affiliate link)

Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz  –

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest ( for keyword research for keyword research

Keyword Planner for keyword research

Aaron’s Book: Real Estate Investing Copywriter’s Playbook
Aaron’s site: