A systematic way to win deals after you’ve been Google Slapped, FB slapped, and Gov Slapped

Trump being banned from every social media platform (even pornography sites) is actually a good thing for Trump.

All it did is strengthen and enrage his devote fans and pull people AWAY from all those sites as people started jumping ship from “Fecal-book” and moving into less politically charged platforms.

What happen to Trump isn’t new actually. In fact, he probably predicted this would happen in some way.

Because when things start to heat up or start to get good… you can rely on Murphy’s law in some way.

It happens in REI.

Have you heard of Dodd-Frank? Before then, there were no restrictions on selling via owner-finance.

I’ve HEARD of certain East Coast States, who have restrictions on land flipping–putting in the law books how long you must hold a property before selling it.

*Cold calling at one point had no restrictions.

*SMS marketing at one point was the wild west.

*Facebook ads were a copywriter’s dream (you can target ANYONE, and write whatever you please–today, you’re kicked off faster than Alex Jones and his Reptilian-Alien theories if you mention “Bankruptcy or Foreclosure, or frustrated”,… and many other emotional words that FB banned from paid ads)

*CA landlord laws now make it almost near impossible to evict a tenant.

Most lesser mortals who are slapped by laws, governments, or platforms just roll-over and die–thinking it’s all over and not giving a jottle of brain-power to think of other ways to solve the problem and do things differently.

The ones who find their ways around such restrictions (ethically and legally of course) are the ones who overcome and succeed.

SMS marketing is one of these that I predict (and it has already happened), will confuse, irritate, and trigger wholesalers to quit the business.


Because (as I preached for several months), the way that REI gurus and forum leaders teach wholesalers to use SMS is not just illegal, but spammy.

And as coaches and info-publishers are pushing more and more ads into Facebook about “No money down real estate”, more newbies are entering into the wholesaling game, tapping into “marketing” methods like SMS, blowing up locations with not just spammy texts, emails, and cold calls…

But the same “I buy houses” letters with red ink that generate a .0000001% QUALITY response in a crowded market

There are better ways.

And first, it starts with knowing your target audience, then your medium of choice (or I should say your prospect’s medium of choice).

Then you can start creating persuasive messages that drive prospects to know… like…. and trust you (and ultimately, easily sign a contract with you)

All this is explained in my new book: “Deal Attractors…”, outlining systematic ways to come up with unique messages AND structures to write copy that flows and holds interest.

You can get it on Amazon.

If you do buy, email me your receipt with the phone number (explained below why) to receive the free bonuses.

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– exclusive interviews on writing copy for acquisitions, how to follow up like a pro (without fancy tech), how to work with agents and present 4 different offers)

– templates (for Direct mail, email, and radio scripts)

– and reports on how to increase conversion with your buyer’s list and agents list

Then email me your receipt WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER. I need your phone number to add the app. I don’t keep it for spamming or anything like that. The app company (Learnistic LLC) is a legitimate app company and does nothing with your phone number except texting you ONE time to deliver the app. Once you email me your phone number, I punch it into my app interface, then I delete the email, then you get a text invite for the app.

p.s.s the app is called Deal Magnet News and comes with a whole bunch of free training and interviews that I put together for marketing, REI, finding deals, sales, and business in general.
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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