A multi purpose investor – Interview

Jeremy Resmer is a good friend of mine who went full dive into real estate 4 years ago and has only scaled up from there.

He had a family with kids and had no other choice but to make something work.

So, today listen in to his part one interview where he briefly talks about his story but also goes deep into his business.

I had a hard time coming up with a title to this interview (I typically try to only spend 5 minutes to write up a title, this time it took 7 minutes)… because Jeremy does pretty much…

… everything

Since he took this new business venture up, he flips the high-end properties that have large margins, he wholesales, he buys up the Multi family for cash flow on terms usually, and he also flips land.

He operates with less than a handful of people and we go into detail about:

– how to hire (personality tests that you can use to almost guarantee you put someone in the right place)
– Where he gets his deals
– The key to his success (it’s not reading bigger pockets forums)
– How he comes up with an offer
– His business structure (when he wholesales, what he keeps, and buying on terms)
– How much he pays his acquisition manager (it’s higher than most and he explains why)
– How to come up with funds
– And much more

Listen to the part one interview here:

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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