5 things to learn as investors from Trump

So 2020 has been interesting, to say the least. But, with the elections, we can all learn these 5 things from Trump and events:

1. This ain’t the last time you’ll hear from Trump… Sure Trump lost. But you’ll hear from him again. As Real estate investors, you’ll lose deals, you’ll not get any deals, and/or things will go sideways. I interviewed my friend and mentor Stephen McKee BEFORE COVID where he was enthusiastic about his new product hitting the market (tiny homes). Well after COVID things didn’t go as expected. But he didn’t crawl into bed and abandon the whole thing. We heard from him again with good news toward the end of 2020 about a new big order and things looking upward for his new innovative business. Same with you. Always be pushing forward.

2. Be an excellent promoter… The elections were CLOSE. Whether it be because of voter fraud or not I know one thing: Trump didn’t stop getting out there and promoting; giving speeches at 1 am, going from rally to rally. So don’t stop promoting yourself. Be proactive as opposed to reactive. A friend of mine is an aspiring artist. He’s painted some damn good stuff. Instead of WAITING for opportunities, he’s been putting his stuff out there online and offline, and it’s been getting the attention of big players. But it doesn’t happen overnight. For you, it’s a constant effort of meeting new investors, getting out into your “field” every week talking with sellers, letting people know what you do.

3. Don’t EVER give up… Trump didn’t roll over and accept defeat. He kept pushing through his belief that there’s fraud (there may very well be. My dad who’s a democrat smells something fishy in the air with the democrats). You’ll keep hearing from him again. And for you: that means don’t stop from people hearing from you; don’t stop following up, don’t be ashamed of your offer, don’t stop going after deals and opportunities, don’t stop learning.

4. Real Estate is about one thing: people… Trump has excellent people skills. Don’t believe it? Read his book, “The art of the deal”. If you don’t get good at talking with people, you’ll struggle in this business. And what I mean by “talking” is letting THEM talk.

5. Push through those naysayers… Trump’s got a lot of hate. People think he’s delusional. He isn’t “normal” as some say. If you’re open about what you do in REI, and you have big dreams, people will think the same thing as you; “Why aren’t you like the rest of us?”, “Why don’t you ‘shoot the shit’ with us at the bar after work?”, “Why would you want to leave the security of a good-paying job, you’re crazy to?!”… Just like Trump, there are many people around you that just don’t understand. Forget them, even tease them a bit.

Ok ladies gentleman, have a great productive week…

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