10 dirty dimes vs 4 polished quarters

Since unemployment shot up and stocks plummeted… I’ve been noticing a few anecdotal things about investors:

1. either you’ve lost a 1/3rd to more than half of your monthly rental income.

2. or you’re trucking along just fine with maybe a couple tenants here or there struggling.

And subscriber Ro R. verifies this by replying to last weeks email about what you’re doing today to get yourself ahead….

Shes says:

“Excellent point my friend! You know? My position today is:

– we currently have rented, paying, quality properties (I have tried to buy over the years with as much sense as possible)
– the waters are too murky to allow for anyone to make sound decisions
– cash is king
– hang on tight, stay put and pray for the best (learnings from our many hurricanes in Houston)

Based on what I hear in all these calls and articles I have to wonder if I am missing something.

What do you think?”

Well, I’m in no way an expert on what to do in times like these. I didn’t really live through the last recession.

But the majority of people I interview in the “Deals Today” podcast have.

And there’s a common practice that Ro R. detailed:

*1. Having CASH Reserves is your safe guard AND your leg up once prices rock-bottom.

*2. Taking the time to buy QUALITY assets will save you A LOT of headache down the road.

This applies to wholesaling, buy-and-hold, flipping, notes, stocks, etc.

It’s the whole concept of: 4 quarters vs 10 dimes.

Now, can you still have a volume business (hence 10 dimes business), following the concept of QUALITY over QUANTITY?

I believe so. And I interviewed a owner of a $2 mill a year wholesaling business who does so by operating in a quality area where there’s growth and quality investors to sell their product to.

Quality is key and it’s something I write in issue #1 of my Deal Magnet Newsletter about going after QUALITY leads and not wasting any time on tire kickers… and an over-the-phone one-liner to keep your trust (and open up a possible deal down road) with retail buyers… and that newsletter will be coming out soon.

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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